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Tips for Wedding Family Photo Time

This is an important part of the day that can run smoothly with a little planning ahead!

Let's face it. Family can be tricky especially when a camera is in the equation. Not to mention if you are concerned about people feeling left out. The excitement of the ceremony is still high and also there is that second cousin twice removed who keeps trying to jump into the photographs.

Here is where I come in and a little planning ahead can help relieve sooo much stress.

Tip number 1: Make a list

There are so many things to remember on the day of the wedding, one of them you should not have to remember is who will be in your family photographs. Writing a list who is who and in what photographs and giving it to your photographer is so very helpful for everyone. That way we can just shout out who is next in your grouping.

Tip number 2: Keep it simple

Who should you include in your list? I always recommend keeping it to immediate family. The smaller the amount of people on your list, the smoother it will go. It also leaves more time for other photographs like your portraits! Don't worry, during the reception we can always grab those family members ( I am looking at you second cousin twice removed!) and take the photographs before they leave (Make sure to inform your photographer so they can get this done!)

Tip number 3: Tell everyone ahead of time

Make sure you keep everyone in communication of where the family photographs will be and when. If you have it right after the ceremony on your timeline, consider having the officiant make an announcement that only people you have informed must stay for family photographs. It can be hard tracking down family members and this will put us behind timing-wise. Communication is key!

I hope you find this helpful!

If you are looking to see if I have your date open, contact me here!

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