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Updated: Dec 3, 2021

There are some questions I get often and I decided to write a blog about these questions and hopefully answer all of them!

Photo Sessions:

Q: How many images will I get in my family session? Will it be enough if I have a large family with extended members too?

A: Definitely, the family packages include UP to 6 people! My family package includes 35 images which are plenty to include everyone and get the images you want.

Q: Even if I already booked the session for my family, can I add grandma and grandpa?

A: Absolutely! I love when Grandparents join. I do appreciate a heads up before the session.

Q: Can I bring my dogs to be in my photos?

A: Yes, please!! No matter what session you booked, I am always down to include your dogs! I do suggest bringing someone your dogs know and are comfortable with, this helps the session go smoother. Also, a heads up pleaseeeee not all locations allow our doggo family members. So, we can plan accordingly.

Q: What if we are late?

A: Your photoshoot time will begin at the time we discussed and last an hour. If you are late, your time has already begun and will only last the hour it began. I always suggest you get there a minimum of 10 mins prior to the start time.


Q: How do I book?

A: Contact me through this form for weddings! For all other sessions contact me here, (at the bottom of the page) and we will get you booked!

Q: I got my confirmation email, but it doesn't have the location even though we discussed it. What does that mean?

A: Not to worry! If we talked and you decided about the location it is set in stone. The confirmation email really focuses on the time.

Q: Does my event or wedding package include a second shooter?

A: I have two packages that include a second shooter for weddings. For events, you can contact me for the extra fee for a second shooter.

Photo Gallery

Q: How do I get my images?

A: I will email you a link to your images that you can download directly from that link!

Q: Can I share the link with others?

A: Yes! You may share the link and ALL those photos!!

Q: Can I share these images on social media? And how do I give you photo credit?

A: You are more than welcome to share! You can find me on social media by simply typing in Rebekah Noel Photography. Then you can just tag me in the images. It is greatly appreciated! If you are tagging me on Facebook you must type " @Rebekah Noel Photography " just like that space and all 😊.

Q: I love the images! But it doesn't look like my Instagram feed. Can I put a filter over the photos?

A: No. Each image I spend time editing in detail to make sure they are what goes with my brand and standard. Many photographers will say the same thing. Make sure when you book a photographer you love their style. Thank you for understanding!!

Q: What is the best way to print the images?

A: Always download your images right away to an external storage device. Whether that is a hard drive or a thumb drive, it is important to save them! I do not offer printing services, so when you decide where you will print, always go for the quality. There are still local print shops that you can use. I always suggest local! When you have the photos on external storage, this makes it easier to bring it to them.

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