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Thesis | 2021

The last few years I have been a full time student. I went to the University of Central Florida working on a Photography major and a minor in Journalism Studies. That chapter finally came to a close on May 7th, but before that, I was a part of the Thesis show at the Southeast Museum of Photography!

We spent months going over concepts, practice shoots, model calls, and lots of rescheduling, printing, and deadlines. In the end, opening night made it all worth it.

Many of the students that were in the show, had gone through 3 years of classes together. SO we were pumped to finish this chapter of our lives together!

It was such an honor to be able to have the opening show. We may not have had the best experience or had what we thought our senior year would be, but we persevered and finished together.

You can see our show from May 4th - July 31st 2021 by visiting The Southeast Museum of Photography.

Now for the exciting part! My work.

Artist statement:



Latin word for love

Intimacy. Vulnerability. Trust. The bonds of love and friendship are built on these. My photographs of couples are portrayals of the notion of trust and confidence. They depict a strength brought by familiarity and intimacy, which allows one person to be vulnerable with another.

The photographs are a combination of moments frozen in time, to emulate the feeling of these words. The images rely on the expressive nature of black and white photography; the lack of color helps convey the warmth and passion shared between couples. The intention of these images are to unveil how valuable moments can be and invoke a desire to document these timeless memories.

Thanks Julie for the blog idea :)

And a big thank you to those who modeled for me!

Rachel & Mike McDermott , Jule & Sam , Tyler & Javii, and Beatriz & Pierce. Could not have done it with out you.

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Truly inspiring work, Bekah! Always blown away by the heart and effort you put into everything you do. Photographers don't come any better than you!!

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Thank you so much!! That means the world 💛💛

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