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The Importance of Before and After Photos

Why is it important to share before and after? What’s with this trend? Whhyyyyy

This may be some questions you’ve had go through your head if you follow any photographer.

As a photographer, I saw the value in sharing these when I noticed clients did not understand the difference between hiring someone for little to nothing just to snap a few pictures of their family, and hiring a professional photographer that is more of an investment. The difference is simple. Quality.

Plus, before and after photos are really fun to look at and see the transformation!

A professional photographer has the training and experience to take a photograph that could easily just have a filter over it and call it a day, to really putting time in and fixing all the details that could be distracting.

I wanted to share some of my before and after photos to help you see!

Sometimes we are placed in a position where bringing lights isn't an option. Or things happen and you left them at home, the session was later than it was planned and it rained... in that very rare situation editing plays a big part!


Sometimes a photo in a small alley sounds like a great idea, but then when you start posing and there are poles coming out of peoples heads you take a moment to see if it's worth moving them, giving up on the shot, or just having some photoshop knowledge.

Removing things and swapping eyes

In this photograph, I removed some little signs in the background and also switched his eyes from another photo so he had his eyes open.

Switching heads

Family photos can be tough so getting one image where everyone is looking and smiling can be a challenge. So, I often switch heads from other photos, you know the normal.

Little things can make a big difference

Even cleaning up the image can make it better.

It is things like these that set us a part. When choosing a photographer, it is always worth investing in the one that will take the time to not only make your shoot time enjoyable, but producing images that you will cherish forever.

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