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Creative Content Day (created by Megan Jones)

There is nothing I love more than small businesses supporting small businesses!

Megan Jones, a wonderful hairdresser, (seriously guys go check her out) came up with this incredible idea to do a Creative Content Day. This is where local businesses get together and donate their time and talent for content to post or use for their business! Each vendor has creative freedom over their area…. and the results are amazing.

So, let us meet the vendors, shall we?

Megan Jones is a wizard with painting hair. I mean come on…. When I came in and saw what she had done with our lovely model’s hair I was shocked. She killed it!!

Heather Moore

She is the epitome of creativity. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw her amazing crochet items. GUYS, she created that crotchet cardigan… herself. She created the pattern and generously let us use it for the shoot. She brought some amazing hats along with her that went perfect with Megan’s hair.

Rebekah Noel Photography

I had the honor of photographing this! It was such a pleasure working with these lovely ladies. The images I took were given to the other vendors to use for their content!

If you are a local vendor and want to get involved, please contact Megan through her Instagram! This was such a great way to have complete creative freedom. When was the last time you worked on a project with other people and said I had complete freedom over my creative business involvement? Not going lie, it took me a bit to get use to not having to ask if that was the shot they want!

- Rebekah Noel

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