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Back to school Mini Session


There is so much stress, frustration, and uncertainty surrounding school starting, I was trying to decide what I could do to make things a little brighter.

This year I am offering Back to School Mini Sessions. These mini sessions will be of your children either in your front yard, or a location of your choice. We will document them ready for school whatever that looks like! Pjs for homeschool/virtual school? Uniform? Whatever that may look like, let's photograph it!

Whether your child is going into kindergarten, you're starting college, or anything in between, this is for you!! (That means you teachers too)

These sessions will be 30 mins for only $75!!

And now that you made it through all the explanation, I have one more announcement...


I am giving away 1 free Back to School Mini Session.

This giveaway looks a little different though... Instead of nominating yourself, I want you to nominate someone you think deserves it and then tell me why. Do this by commenting on my instagram and Facebook post about the giveaway!

You can post on your story for extra entries.

This will be so much fun! 1...2...3.. Go and enter/book!

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