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Senior Photos

The holidays are over and that means, seniors... it's almost time to graduate!

Whether you are graduating high school or college, this is a monumental moment. Something that should be captured. Senior photos often get pushed to the side until last minute when you need to send out announcements (um hi, that was totally me). Then it's rushed. Take time for these photographs! You will not regret it.

When you are able to get a head start on it, there are somethings you can plan ahead without stressing.

Let's talk about some things to think about before you start your senior session.

Questions to consider:

Do you want photos with your cap & gown?

What are some things you loved during school that you want to involve in your photos (sports, reading, winnings?)

Do you want more lifestyle, or more traditional posed photographs?

I always suggest having your cap and gown ready for photos.

Having objects or a certain outfit in your images can help bring back all the memories of what you were doing during this time of your life.

This is such a special time in your life! You deserve to get beautiful photos just how you want them! Capturing you and who you are during this time of life.

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