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Portrait Session: Channing Raley

Okay, I have known Channing probably my entire life. So when we had the opportunity to collaborate, I knew it was going to be great and so much fun!

Channing, who is so full of life, is an amazing singer/songwriter.

This building is one of my favorite places to shoot at! With the greenery and abandon feel, it adds so much to the shoot. If I have a photoshoot around this area, we always manage to end up here.

This shoot was such great timing. It was right before the stay at home orders were given so this so happened to be my last shoot before quarantine. Let me tell you, what a perfect shoot to go out with.

Her music is great, and I got a sneak peak at some new projects she is working, you do not want to miss!

Follow her on instagram for all the updates.

BTS by Joe

I am so looking forward to getting back behind the camera and capturing some awesome moments. I miss it so much!

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